Paul Slaton(non-registered)
Thank you for putting this out where we can enjoy it. Great talent, creativity, and interesting perspectives.
Cathleen C Sanders(non-registered)
Thank you for your work, appreciate that is enhances our lives.
Steve Jorden(non-registered)
Nice work, diversified portfolio! I linked over from RawHyde Adventures.
Scott Vestal
Will you just follow me around, and make me look like a stud all the time?
Dennis Bitner(non-registered)
Fantastic work Steve, really enjoy seeing your images. Always a joy to look at them...
Rob Jankowski(non-registered)
Great action photos, Steve. You actually make me look cool! I guess there's a first time for everything.
RenoJohn Austin(non-registered)
Awesome stuff Steve. I'm sorry I missed you at the Klim gig, if I would have known you were there I would have popped over.

Your pictures are more cool than Fonzie.
Sandy Joyner(non-registered)
Your work is simply awesome. I think I have camera envy
Courtney Hornseth(non-registered)
Just dropping in to say you do very inspiring work !!! Makes me wanna go out and start shooting . Any tips for and up in comer in the 4x4 photography world ??? What do u shoot with and what do u shoot in RAW JPEG ???

From a Canadian fan :)
Ken Decroo(non-registered)
Well done, Steve. Look forward to riding with you again real soon.
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